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NB! Documentation is under construction. If you need immediate help then please use discussion forum.

Here is project documentation. Currently it focuses on installation issues and troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is behind the project?
    My name is Gunnar Peipman and I am IIS/ASP.NET MVP from Estonia. This is my one-man project and I work on it after my daily job is done.
  • Is WHS Dashboard also supported by downloader?
    Currently WHS dashboard is not supported and I don’t have plans to support it over next few releases. You can do everything possible through WHS web interface and I think it’s better because you can also start downloads when you are not at your home network.
  • Downloader is not suddenly able to download videos from YouTube. What’s wrong?
    Sometimes Google changes video download links in YouTube. It doesn’t happen very often but when it happens I have to change URL-s in code too and release new build. There is currently no good way how to react to these changes but I will try to come out with something.
  • How can I save videos as AVI, MPG, WMV?
    WHS YouTube Downloader offers exactly the same formats that Google is able to serve. If you really need videos in some other format then please use some free or commercial video converter. There are many of these available in internet.
  • Can I download also big videos like concerts in full HD?
    Yes, you can. I have tested the plug-in with videos of different size and everything seems to work this far.
  • Where are my videos saved?
    Your videos are saved to shared media folder of WHS. You can see your shared media folders using WHS Dashboard by example. The same folders are shown on WHS YouTube Downloader folder selection dropdown. I have currently no plans to support other folders. Using shared media folders means that Windows Search indexes your videos quickly and they appear to all your WHS media sources automagically.
  • Which format should I prefer?
    If you are using standard tools from Microsoft media stack and you have no idea about how to stream or play officially unsupported formats then use MP4 versions of videos. Current versions of Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center and XBox 360 are able to play MP4.
  • I need ASAP feature X, Y and Z!
    That’s nice you need features and I’m happy to work on new features but you cannot get them ASAP. This is non-financed project and I work on it after my daily working hours. If you need clock’n’calendar stuff then please feel free to find some financing on project so I can move it to my daily schedule. Fair enough? :)
  • How can I request new features?
    You can use project discussions to request new features. To make sure your feature has better chances to get to my work list then please describe the functionality you expect and also describe reasoning  behind it. Maybe you discovered some very cool use cases and it is really worth the time to invest to get your feature to solution.
  • How can I report bugs?  
    You can use project discussions to report bugs. With bug report please describe your technical environment and bug symptoms. Be specific and provide me the details you know (really, I cannot read your mind). Be ready to answer my questions.
  • How are versions organized?
    Minor versions that end with even number are considered as main releases and minor versions with odd number in end are considered as service releases. 1.0 adds new features, 1.1 is service release etc. Service releases contain bug fixes, solve issues and provide workarounds to problems.

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